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The BoX


[i]The BoX[/i] takes the speed of a beloved platformer of old and mixes it up with color based powers and adaptations. Here you will find a mystery only you can solve, with complex challenges along the way to guide you in finding the answer. Use the 6 colors at your disposal to take on the treacherous BoX and find your way to freedom. Not all data is perfect. Lead our spherical little hero through [i]The BoX[/i] as he aims to find a world where its curves aren't so out of place. You may be alone, though you'll find no shortage of obstacles that stand in your way [b]Features: -80+ levels and challenges -One 'kickin' soundtrack featuring John Sinclair -Physics based controls as you platform without that precious jump we all take for granted -Plenty of secrets and collectibles -Master the organized chaos and find shortcuts to improve your rank! -6 powers to adapt and help you through your journey -Adapting to environments progresses the story line rather than the typical killing and destruction[/b] [i]The BoX[/i] is currently available for purchase on Steam for $5.99. [link=http://store.steampowered.com/app/424750/]Click Here[/link] to check it out! The game will eventually be available for purchase directly through us, but currently Steam is the only option. Stay tuned for our marketplace though! For press, or a more detailed description of the game, please see the [b]About[/b] tab above.

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