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Xenocite Clad

[b]Developer:[/b] White Clover Inc. [b]Release Date:[/b] TBA [b]Platforms:[/b] PC [b]Website:[/b] www.whitecloverworlds.com [b]Price:[/b] 15.00 USD [b]Availibility:[/b] Digital download [b]File Size:[/b] TBD [b]Press Contact:[/b] info @ whitecloverworlds.com [b]Social:[/b] Twitter, Facebook [b]Description:[/b] Xenocite Clad places you in the long forgotten ruins of an advanced civilization that seemed to disappear overnight. Now, centuries later, the ruins have filled with life both threatening and non. Brave the ruins against predators and more as you search for not only a way out, but the answers to the questions strewn all around you. Play as two heroines- Xalia the Syr, using both an energy blade and an energy compressor drone, seeks to learn more of her creators and their intentions...and Luanrel, the human who is ready to sacrifice all for the future of her people, wielding her sword, shield, and bow to bring down the Syr menace. [b]Features:[/b] [b] - [/b] Fast paced pixelated action. Feel each hit you land and are struck with as you strive to survive. [b] - [/b] Two stories to show opposing sides of the conflict that embroils the outside world. [b] - [/b] Over 100 pieces of lost data to discover and use to your advantage. [b] - [/b] Multiple modes including a speedrun of each type! [b] - [/b] Customize how you play using the upgrades, each with their own advantage and disadvantage. [b] - [/b] A fantastic OST created with the incredible talents of John Sinclair and more! [b]More to come![/b]

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