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The Box

[b]Developer:[/b] White Clover Inc. [b]Release Date:[/b] October 24th 2015! [b]Platforms:[/b] PC [b]Website:[/b] www.whitecloverworlds.com [b]Price:[/b] 6.00 USD [b]Availibility:[/b] Digital download [b]File Size:[/b] 931MB [b]Press Contact:[/b] info @ whitecloverworlds.com [b]Social:[/b] Twitter, Facebook [b]Description:[/b] The BoX takes the speed of a beloved platformer of old and mixes it up with color based powers and adaptations. Here you will find a mystery only you can solve with complex challenges along the way to guide you in finding the answer. Use the 6 colors at your disposal to take on the treacherous BoX and find your way to freedom. Not all data is perfect. Lead our spherical little hero through The BoX as he aims to find a world where its curves aren?t so out of place. You may be alone, though you'll find no shortage of obstacles that stand in your way. [b]-[/b] 80+ levels and challenges [b]-[/b] One 'kickin' soundtrack [b]-[/b] Physics based controls as you platform without that precious jump we all take for granted [b]-[/b] Plenty of secrets and collectibles [b]-[/b] Master the organized chaos and find shortcuts to improve your rank! [b]-[/b] 6 powers to adapt and help you through your journey [b]-[/b] Adapting to environments progresses the story line rather than the typical killing and destruction [b]More to come![/b]

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