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White Clover Inc. started as a dream to help creative types get their work out into the world. In the beginning it was only responsible for a fantasy series by Joseph Hughes, The Shadow of Recoste; now however, The BoX has come into being.

We as a studio aim to provide what we consider more distilled gaming experience, with challenges that leave you feeling accomplished and entertained rather than micro transactions that tend to pull away from the immersion in the games world. We want to create games that bring us together with friends, like the ones that we played as kids. We strive to spark conversations and help nurture friendships because the friendships forged even in the trials and tribulations of fantasy worlds can last a lifetime.

Who We Are

Joseph Hughes

Joseph Hughes started White Clover Inc. when he first started producing creative materials at the ripe old age of 17 when he was preparing to launch the first book in his series. Since then he has continued to write but has put it aside to focus on game development and working to fill out the team at White Clover Worlds so that together they can continue to produce quality entertainment and worlds for all.

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